Packed sod peat

tykalusSod peat is a mass of peat obtained from up to 50 cm depth of a peat deposit and compressed into pieces with the diameter of 40–60 mm. The cut pieces are then allowed to dry naturally after which the dried sod peat is collected with machines. Sod peat is suitable for heating in smaller and bigger boilers. It is also suitable for heating in private residences. Upon the use of sod peat as fuel, the service operations in boiler rooms can be automated. Sod peat may also be used with other solid fuels such as wood chips and firewood.

Single package weighs 10kg (± 0.2 kg). Calorific value 3.15 MWh/t. Moisture content 33% (± 5%). 56 packages (8 layers) on pallet.

Sod peat is local fuel substance with uniform quality, the diameter of which is 40–70 mm and length 50–200 mm.

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