Vapo Group environmental policy

As the user of natural resources we are aware of our responsibility. All our activities are based on responsibility and we observe the objective of sustainable development in view of the environment as well as the society, both in communication with our customers, cooperation partners and employees.

Our aim is to keep our reputation as a responsible company at a high level in everything we ourselves or our subcontractors come into contact with and everywhere our products and services are used.

We will do everything in our power for our activity to be the least burdening for the environment.

We use natural resources in a sustainable manner and we are well-prepared in order to predict all possible dangers for the environment and to prevent them. If damages to the environment should be caused despite of everything, we will do our best to eliminate the consequences of such damages. In our activities utilising natural resources we constantly contribute to working methods introducing new and environment-friendly activity models.

We are especially focused on a conscious and systematic initiative in order to decrease the pollution level of water and to organise supervision. We constantly decrease the amount of greenhouse gases created upon our activity, make our equipment more efficient and decrease the amount of waste to the lowest possible level, increase the amount of recoverable materials and enhance the logistics in all our activities. We work in conformity with the green office principles.

Our cooperation with customers and subcontractors complies with strict requirements and treats the environment with respect.

In close cooperation with our customers and subcontractors we promote the sustainable development. We follow all updates in the legislation governing the environment and are in compliance with the requirements specified in the legislation that extends to us. We collect data on a constant basis concerning the direct effects of our activity on the environment which enables us to determine and raise our annually established environmental objectives. The achievement of such environmental objectives which we have established for us has been ensured in all areas with the respective plan that involves the environment and which is based on constant improvement and development.

We are in open dialogue with our interest groups.

We have transparency in everything that involves the effects arising from our activity to the environment. Upon the development our activity, we are open and cooperate with local residents, our customers, authorities, our cooperation partners, experts and employees as well as interest groups. We appreciate any assessment and feedback to our activity from as possibly many parties since feedback allows us and the interested parties connected with us to develop our activities even further.

We are committed to our objectives which we have established for us to achieve in the area of environment.

Our objective is to take our environmental responsibility to a new even higher level and we shall apply clear and well-defined measures in our activities by adding the dimension of openness to our activities. We train, instruct and encourage our employees, contractors and subcontractors to base their activities on environmental-friendly working methods. We require the compliance with such methods from all our employees and the employees of subcontractors. In addition, we motivate the application of responsible working methods by our employees and contractors through the bonus system calculated for environmental sustainability.