Block peat

Block peat is weakly composed Sphagnum peat with a natural composition. Due to porous structure the air content and water absorption capacity is very high in block peat.

The blocks are cut from the bog profile by a specially designed cutting machine.

The cut blocks are dried naturally by sun and wind. Dried peat blocks are stored and stacked on wooden pallets and covered.

Block peat is usually fractured and screened in smaller fractions and used for structural improvement of substrates and planting soils.

TurbaplokidBlock dimensions: 20 x 30 x 45 cm 1 block = 0.027 m3

Moisture content 40-55 %

pH: 4–5, Decomposition stage: H1- H3 (von Post)

Block peat is transported in trucks or containers
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Krista Toomiste

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