Bedding peat


Bedding peat

The substrate is natural,  big fraction  peat,  without fertilizer or lime. Peat does not contain weed seeds or pathogens. Owns good water absorption.

The Bedding peat is intended for use in livestock buildings (in stables, plowing) for keeping animals dry and clean. It keeps animals from freezing in cold floor and gives them a good feel. It is best to use in home gardens and  farms to improve soil structure. Suitable for composting.

Package volume 280 liters, weight 30 -35 kg,
Pack size 85cm x 44cm x30cm

On tray is 21 packets

Trays measures 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 2000 mm

Suurpallv Avaiable in Big Bale packet with dimensions 110 cm  x 120 cm  x 240 cm.

Big Bale packet consist  5-6 m3 peat in normal condition and

packet weight is around  900 kg.

In winter time is reccomended to keep in warm room, before usage.


Bedding peat is also avaiable in bulk. IMG_3203

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