We buy raw wood chips



We buy:

– standing brushwood
– cutting rights for standing timber (deciduous wood)
– 3 m firewood
– sawmill offcuts.

Payment is due within 7 days after chipping and establishment of the received quantity of wood chips. The price depends on the material and location. The specific price offer is made after visiting the location and inspecting the material.
We are interested in the purchase of cutting rights for timber; we prefer less valuable deciduous wood cutting areas from which firewood can be obtained.
We buy 3 m firewood at our warehouse located at Savi street in Pärnu (6-58 cm in diameter).


Jaak Raid +372 56461882  E-post : jaak.raid@tootsiturvas.ee

Kaimo Kivikas +372 5269639  E-post :  kaimo.kivikas@tootsiturvas.ee