Wood chips

Wood chips

We engage in the manufacture and marketing of wood chips from 2004. Today we supply combined power and heat plants in Pärnu, Tallinn and Tartu. The largest production takes place in PärnuCounty and in its surroundings.

We purchase standing and stacked brushwood around the year. Soil, foreign objects, green thorns or leaves are not allowed in the brushwood stack. Stems torn with roots or material aggregated from drag roads are not suitable either.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the choice of the landing. Ideally there should be 6–7 meters of free space next to the brushwood stack for the wood chipper and truck. In some cases it is also possible to load the truck from the back but in such case the work is more difficult and a greater chipping loss must be taken into account.

Wood chips

Wood chips

The minimum quantity starts from ca 90 m3 (32 cubic metres) i.e. one truckload of chips.

We buy:

• brushwood collected on the roadside • standing brushwood • cutting rights for standing timber (deciduous wood)

• 3 m firewood

• sawmill residue (timber offcuts)

Payments are made quickly after the chipping and establishment of the obtained quantity of chips. The price depends on the material and location. We make a specific price offer after visiting the location and inspecting the material.

We are also interested in purchasing the cutting rights for timber, we prefer less valuable deciduous wood cutting areas from which firewood can be obtained.

We purchase 3m firewood at our warehouse located at Savi Street in Pärnu (diameter 6–58 cm).


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